Yeonwoo Kim

Travis Scott Playlist Receipt Calendar October 2030

Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Adobe Illustrator digital, paper

Faculty: Aaron Krach

Prompt: The project ‘Travis Scott Playlist Receipt Calendar October 2030’ is my reinterpretation of the calendar that showcases a new way of keeping track of time. In this project, I focused on the integration of typography and 3D shapes to visualize the sense of sound and time in the calendar.

The calendar adopts a simple, consistent, and practical approach with the essential information for both scheduling and record-keeping purposes. The days, dates, and items(name of songs) are organized in chronological order, and AMT(length of songs) is separately documented, serving as a dedicated feature for tracking time. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity and sense of sound conveyed through curved forms, simple colors, and gentle textures, I did an experiment exploring the interplay between the oval shapes and typography, using the 3D tool. I could create distinctive shapes that mirror the contours and vibrations of sound that encapsulate their essence. Using the Mincho Risograph printer, I could produce a grained texture of dual color, bisque and blue. Throughout testing the printer speed and density of color several times, I printed about 30 prints with a density of 4 from bisque and a density of 3 from blue.