Yinan Xue

The Only One Left Behind

Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Sherry Bittle

Prompt: This project is in weeks 4-7 of the semester. The aim of this project is to create a approximately 2 minute photo-roman, based on the imagination you created. In the project, we discussed how to make your imaginary being, photography and how sound tracks work in your photo-roman.

The freedom of this project is very high, so I will mainly explain the content of the story, and the materials involved are Premiere pro and Procreate. My imaginary creature is a kind of elf, and her image is a reference to the classic elf look, with a little red pointed hat. And her moral is not just the appearance of an elf on the surface, her deep meaning is a fairy tale dream that only children with childlike innocence can have. My little elf wakes up in the city. She feels like she has been asleep for so long that she no longer knows where she is, so she tries to find her family in the steel jungle. I show the city as a black and white image in my photo-roman, and the elf will have color. When the elf finally finds color in this black and white city, she finds that it is a tombstone belonging to the children’s fairy tale, and it is a funeral belonging to the naivete. The black and white repression of the city will not longer allow the existence of innocence, and this last spirit also slowly disappeared in this funeral, turned into a burial flower for the tombstone.