Yiran Yin


Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Collage

Faculty: Naika Colas

Prompt: In studio sessions, you will be applying the principles of visual research to a material form (see below). This will involve translating textures and patterns from designs used in Bridge 1, to 3 different materials AND exploring culture while experimenting with meaning, scale, color, and other visual factors during the making process. Essentially exploring different material techniques that could work for your designs chosen in Bridge one. If your garment does not have intricacies in material/patterns - research materials that are manipulated that would be a great fit for these 3 garments. Research various materials and patterns - creating a portfolio of sources Visit a fabric store or material closet on campus for 10 swatch collections. (Swatches are free). Create 3 collages using PIECES of your fabric swatches placing these materials onto a white sheet or board using an adhesive of your choice. Write 1 paragraph beneath each collage or on the opposite side of the sheet that explains your research, images and material choices.

Here’s a revised version incorporating your additional sentence: I used more than 30 swatches from different fabrics to create three collage pieces. Together, they form a fish. Fish hold significant meaning for me, as they always appeared in the stories my mother told me at bedtime. I explored fish as a symbol in fairy tales, oceans, and Babylonian culture, to explore their beauty as an animal that represents comfort, wisdom, and danger.