Yi Lin Zeng

Interlace Commons

Prompt: Select, map, and analyze a Publicly Owned Private Space in NYC. Establish a design brief (thesis) for the site and develop strategies of intervention that enhances the site. Pull together the research, site analysis and experimentation into a cohesive project that meets your design goals.

In this project, my goal was to intervene and mitigate the atmospheric tension of 180 Maiden Lane caused by the overly open space, security man, and camera. The proposed intervention seeks to address these shortcomings by introducing elements that enhance privacy and comfort, thereby promoting more natural and spontaneous interactions among users. By incorporating multi-functional seating areas and organicshaped bamboo walls, the space can be transformed into a more inviting and meditative environment conducive to diverse activities and gatherings. Furthermore, by strategically placing seating both indoors and outdoors with openings to create a seamless connection between private and public realms, the intervention challenges the conventional boundaries of privately owned public spaces. In essence, the proposed intervention seeks to reconcile the tension between security and openness, exclusivity and inclusivity, ultimately aiming to fulfill Jane Jacobs’ vision of vibrant city streets as the lifeblood of urban communities