Zackery Yao

Reimagined Future

Class of: 2024

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Paper/ Digital Drawing

Faculty: Diana Shpungin

Prompt: For this project, by combining the past and present architecture, to represent not only the change of the past time, but also to show personal symbology of future dreams. Employing unique mark-making techniques, students create an invented past and present landscape or portrait in two (or more) parts: half hand-drawn in ink / half digitally rendered in Illustrator, with the goal of the hand mimicking the digital method and vice versa.

In the left half of the picture, I used Adobe Illustrator to draw an electronic version of the 500- year-old traditional Garden building – Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou. The ink and wash silhouette painting has a more distinctive texture. At the same time, the repetitive circle pattern on the top is inspired by the window silhouette design of garden architecture, which is a relatively special window pattern design. Repeated circles form different structures inside, creating new patterns that are elegant but also contain unity. The right half of the picture is presented by hand drawing. I used Pigma Archival Ink Pen to depict some features of the building. The building selected on the right is my high school, which represents the place where all my dreams started. It also expresses that every day of my life here is my beautiful memory and my longing for the future. This modern geometric building was designed by the design team of the world-famous architect, Leoh Ming Pei. The building itself is a fusion of the curvilinear design elements of the eastern elegant garden style and the strong geometric lines of the western architectural design. Like the glass pyramid redesigned by the architect himself for the Louvre in France, it represents the past and the future. I use the geometric squares and lines drawn by ink pen to show the integration between the buildings. At the same time, splashing ink is used on the bottom background to show a Chinese style beauty and enrich the overall picture. The peace symbols and the world map at the top of the screen also represent a utopian vision of a peaceful life for people to unite world in the future.