Zhimeng Liu

Scent Sachet With Its Gift Box

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Video, cardboard, wire, yarns, paper, acrylic, spray paint

Faculty: John Jerard

Prompt: This project will explore how we use planar shapes to create objects now that we have used linear shapes to create the last project. You will make a presentation display/set that best supports your wire sculpt both in form and content. You can be as creative and imaginative as you want so long as you meet basic making and structural requirements. Everything we do starts with a technical drawing as the first iteration of our concept and intent.

My wire sculpture is a purse, there is a special purse that emerged in the ancient China, which is the embroidered craft scent sachet (Xiangnag), which has a good smell that is made of dry flower and root is put inside the bag. The good smell is believed to have a protective function. During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, the custom of wearing sachets became more and more popular. No hierarchy system to be waring this scent purse. Common people make an even more extensive use of the perfume pouch. Men and women, old and young all can carry one on them and present it to others as a gift. Especially for women, they usually wear the scented sachets to express their feelings, and emotions, with designs of plum blossoms, lotus flowers, both as a wish for a convinced love and as a good wish for the woman. The paper note is for a writing of good wish This is the symbol that my design represent. I made a box that you can open and also pull the interior gear out. It is like opening a present box. You received a surprise. I am very attracted to this accessory, and it’s history behind it. So I made a box in a context that everyone is a protagonist while reacting with the box, they once see a white plain box and opened with an abundant interior design. I want my audience to feel related to the beautiful nature and feeling happy and blessed with opening the box.