Andria Shafer


Class of: 2025

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Alison McNulty

Prompt: The assignment was to create an unrecognizable abstract artifact based off of a personal and culturally significant object.

The objects I used to inspire my abstract artifact were both given to me by my grandmothers. One object was a pair of red gloves that used to be worn by my grandmother when she was younger, and the other object was a purse given to me by my other grandmother. While they were given by different people, they could be worn by the same person. I believe that the purse and the gloves combined represent my style, expressing how my grandmother’s fashion has impacted me. I wanted to make an object that showed the qualities of the purse and the gloves that make me feel confident from the items. I wanted it to be warm like gloves but keep the edginess with its red. Through the chains, feathers, and locks on the object I am keeping the qualities that I feel I most identify with stylistically and that my grandmothers also wore when they were younger.