Zhiyan Xing

Top Thai Matchbox

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Paper matchbox

Faculty: Aaron Brashear

Prompt: Through the medium of package design, use photography, graphics, mixed media and typography to create a custom matchbook/matchbox for your assigned restaurant.

For this project, I visited the restaurant Top Thai at Greenwich and designed a matchbox for the restaurant. The place is small and intimate and it makes homemade Thai food. After I went to the place, I selected 5 photos to be incorporated into my design; some are from the restaurant and some are inspired by the culture and style of the place. I decided make the design into the shape of the Bangkok tuk tuk cart. It is also an important element of the restaurant and it relates to street food. For the inside tray, I added cartoon illustrations of thai ingredients placed the buddha’s hand pattern to the sides.