Ziqi Yuan

Star walk

Class of: 2026

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Laser cut jewlery

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: For this assignment we are customizing jewelry for our partner, and we are required to use laser lab.

I start with interview my partner about her preference to jewelry. I know she loves small and delicate design. Her favorite visual element is panda and constellation. We also shared traditional style jewelries for our own culture. So we think it is a good idea to take culture exchange as a requirement. Based on the questionnaire, I start to brainstorming. I draw a mind map to help me to see how could these different elements be connected. ( the elements I get from the questionnaire are: small, delicate, simple, silver, panda, chicness style, constellation) Then, I start from panda which also relate to the Chinese style. I know panda comes from Chongqing, so I researched the custom style and the custom style of the dominant minority of there. I also researched about constellation ( Her sign is Capricorn). I draw them down to analysis and extract the shape for my design. Finally, I come up with this pattern I designed. The overall shape is what I extract from the Tibetan culture (it means health and longevity)and I simplified it. Inside is a panda, and behind the panda is the constellation of my partner’s sign. In order to better fit the panda in this shape, I designed the pose as a panda chasing the stars. Then, I traced my drawing in Illustrator and put is into laser cut machine. After laser cut, I begin to assemble them. My client prefer silver, so I decided to use a thin silver chain for the jewelries. I also handmade the jump-rings by using the wire, since I didn’t find any suitable ones. In the end, I made tow sets of jewelry in different color, and I bring them to my client. She said she love the outcome.