Ziqi Yuan

Spoon G

Class of: 2026

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Ink on bristol board

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: For my final project, I get inspired by a tarot card design assignment I previously done in my drawing of imagination class. I have designed a rats themed tarot card with a special biting mark. Therefore, I want to create an entire set of rats themed tarot cards and print them out nicely to see the biting mark effect.

For this project I created an entire set of major Arcana tarot cards about rats and my fictional concept company. While I am sketching, I get a new idea of adding my concept company from another drawing of imagination class assignment into the tarot card design, which is also relate to the rat theme. I did research on the meaning of major Arcana cards. I want to try fitting the meaning of each card to my company idea. Basically, my company is a spoon-like spaceship floating around in the universe. The company does not have a specific location. The spacecraft will keep spinning around on its own, creating gravity for us. It was inspired by an ancient Chinese invention called the Sinan, which is a rotating spoon that gives you directions. Since I rised a humaster, I created a rats team for my concept company that each of the characteres have different background story, different personalities and they do different jobs. Once I finished the designs, I get to design lab to print the drawings on my material. Then take the drawings to laser lab to cut the cards down. It is quite challenging to make sure the drawings on both sides will fit each other, and I made a lot of experiment on testing out the machine.