First Year Student Workshop: Banana Symphony: Captivating Touch Sensing for Physical / Digital Interaction

We use touch interfaces made of glass, metal, and plastic to interact with electronics on a regular basis – from cell phone screens to automated faucets, touch sensing is everywhere. But what if you could make a touch sensitive interface with your favorite house plant instead? What would you make? This workshop hosted by Parsons Graduate Student Lauria Clarke explores how everyday items can be used as interactive inputs for a digital system. 

We will create a collaborative, Arduino based instrument where interactions with items brought from home produce different tones. Students will leave with a functional Arduino sketch saved to their online account. No prior programming knowledge is required.

Students are encouraged to bring a couple objects from home to experiment with (ie. potato, tomato, stuffed animal, banana, shoe, house plant).

Tuesday 04/04/2023
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Room L 1100, 2 W 13th St.
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