Aleyana Mitchell

"How To Make Natural Dye."

Class of: 2024

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Jessica Corr

Prompt: For this project we experimented with extracting dye from plants, and dyeing material samples. Along with experimentation we were also instructed to document and organize our process in a unique manor.

For this project I chose to create a video narrating my journey extracting dye from a bunch of radishes. I wanted to create an easy to follow guide for those unaware of how to make natural dye. Inspiring my process was knowing how natural dyes have less of an environmental impact than the synthetic dyes humans are accustomed to using in our day to day lives. The fruits and vegetables we consume could potentially be multipurposed and be used as ways to dye materials. Overall I wanted to spread awareness of how simple it can be to create natural dye in a living space.