Alysia To

Emulation of an Edo-Period Uchikake

Class of: 2024

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Newspaper, Acrylic paint, Gel pens, Color pencils, Markers

Faculty: Anya Kurennaya (Seminar) Jennifer Mazza (Studio)

Prompt: We were asked to emulate a piece from the MET museum through 3 iterations after researching it in extensive detail.

After researching 3 pieces from the MET, I chose to emulate an Uchikake from the Edo Period I found in the MET collection as I was interested in understanding the form and design of the garment. I collaged newspaper together to create and fold a lifesized origami Uchikake, and using gel pens, coloring pencils, and gold and silver markers, I drew the design by focusing on small sections of the original piece. My previous iterations helped me to understand more about the design itself, as I felt that this was the star of the original piece. It helped me to pay more attention to drawing the designs during my third iteration as it had so many intricate details like the “folded paper butterflies” and the strings attached to it.