Piper Mangum

Landscape Collage Final Project

Class of: 2024

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Ink, specialty paper, card-stock, and pencil

Faculty: Emily Singer

Prompt: To make a collage series out of three pieces for the final project using skills developed in class.

For the final project of Drawing and Imaging, we were asked to create a series around a collage that we made earlier in the semester. For the first collage I made, I created a figure in the clouds looking down on a city. I used three different types of specialty paper, my mark-making pieces from a previous project, as well as micro pens (see collage below). For the materials, I chose specialty papers that had limited color but still would give a “pop” to the piece. I wanted to use unique textures and colors to make my piece (s) stand out from the rest.

The goal was to create two more pieces around the first collage to form a series. When thinking about what I wanted to create, I referred back to what we had learned in class. I thought about values, mark making, different textures, the concept of progression, and so on. To incorporate these aspects into the series, I decided to create two new pieces with different values that had the same concept as the first. For the middle piece, I used a gray piece of paper and continued the building to show the midsection of them. I then added the figure as if she was progressing into the new section of the city. Next, I continued the swiping lines to incorporate them into the piece (see piece below). For the third and final piece, I used black paper to represent the final value and the end of the series. I continued the building and added a ground to show the end of the progression. I added the figured landing on the ground to show her final stop before going back into the “light.” The last step I did was connect the swirling lines into the final piece.