Fatima Makiya


Class of: 2022

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Sustainable Design

Faculty: Juanli Carrion

Prompt: Sustainable Design Project Proposal: An alternative solution as an environmentally friendly approach for water reuse within a single family unit.

GREYWATER filtration system
As contaminated water goes down the drain It is recycled sustainably by filtration
tank units. First it goes through the mesh filtration tank to trap pathogens in the
water. Then transferred down via gravity to the sand tank where sand uses its
nutrients to treat water and aeration to remove bacteria. Afterwards, transferred
down to the chlorine/fluoride disinfectant tank. By technology, a motor moves up
the water in two pipes, hot and cold-water for water supply. The filtration system
should be installed during the construction stage or to an existing house taking
15 days installation.

Establishing a smart shower system to sense movement allowing the shower
head to turn on/off, senses the weight/height of the body in-order for the device
to estimate the amount of water needed. According to the length of hair, the
soap dispenser will discharge enough soap to wash the body. Lastly, the sensor
system adjusts water flow and time needed to complete the shower. The sensor
system includes the shower head with embedded sensors and a touch pad that
has a smart control program; they can be installed to the existing bathroom in

Uses a motor pressure system to separate and lift the soap/foam to be used in
the toilet flush instead of water. Because the toilet uses zero water, the foam
activates to eliminate odor.

As we know the kitchen wastewater is called blackwater; it includes grease,
food, soap and chemicals. I purposed a filtration meshed tipping bucket to
capture food and transfer it to a composting bucket for recycling. The filter
captures grease to decrease sewage water pollution. The food compost is
recycled back into soil for nutrients.

Capturing rainwater, toilet compost for soil fertilizer, green roof, and
plastic/container recycling shootout.