Ananta Gupta

Memoir- Mapping memories

Class of: 2025

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Mixed Media

Faculty: Mimi Kim

Prompt: In this project, we started off by minimal instructions of mapping memory on 4-inch squares. It included creating my room, my house, my neighbourhood etc. I did not want to plan something, I wanted to go with the flow because it was a project that I think is really personal to me. I wanted to make it as a reflection to me. Also, rather than using printouts or simply drawing them, I tried on using the actual thing. To understand each material and create a kind of thought process before creating the squares, I kind of created a collage in my sketchbook. It looks more like a mood board to me.

This project truly depicts my own visual interpretation of the most precious places, moments and objects for me. To depict my love for my mother’s home cooked spaghetti and how much do I miss it here in NYC prompted me to paste the spaghetti itself! I think this helped me add a 3-dimensional look to my project, incorporating both textures and forms I resonate with.On my way back from the school, I handpicked few pebbles, leaves and flowers to not only show my garden where my grandmother used to sit and knit but also how I feel wrapped up in the hand knit blanket that I got from India.

Moving on to the arrangement, seeing how 4 of my squares depict my garden, my house floor, my room and my terrace; I definitely thought of putting them close to each other. The final 3-dimensional structure I created using these 4 squares showcases my house, not in an architectural way but in my own way. The second floor in the house had much more than my room but as soon as I thought about this floor, I could only remember the new ceiling fan I bought before coming and the camping tent me and my brother had in our room.

I feel what makes my work authentic is how random it was. Being someone who always used to plan before working, I did this project without making a layout or structure in mind. Using most of the material from trash, I never thought something like this could be created. Using most of the material from trash, I never thought something could be created. Lastly, making this I felt that even though photographs capture memories for lifetime but texture helps you feel it again, objects help you retouch it again and get into it.