Cecilia Yang


Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Matt Whitman

Prompt: Experimental Film Challenge: In this project, you will create a video composition of at least one minute in length. Your piece can be a narrative (telling a story), but does not have to be.

In this project, I tried to illustrate a simple story: a student kept thinking about cooking the noodles when doing her time assignment. Through “sound montage” and video collages, I forced my audience to experience the theme of “distraction” by providing a flood of sounds and images. The film is about the process of creating it, and the process of creating the film turns out to be the film itself. This experimental film has this LOOP nature with a clear explanation of the content in the middle and an end, which can link to the beginning; thus, the audience can enter the video at any time and figure out the story after a few loops.