Celeste Bohan

I wonder if the water in my dreams relates to something less concrete in real life, or if I’m just reading too far into my dreams

Class of: 2023

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Photographs, block prints, and text

Faculty: Audra Woloweic (Studio) and Casey Haymes (Seminar)

Prompt: For our final assignment, we each created a chapter for a class magazine trying to answer the question "from social distances, what do we notice that we’ve already seen?"

Integrative Studio

Integrative Seminar

For the past few years, I’ve had strange, realistic and, recurring dreams that I’ve struggled to understand. In an attempt to understand them in some capacity, I recorded them for about a month, then interpreting them individually and as a whole, especially in the context of social distance and current events. For the visual element, I was inspired by tarot cards and the practice of fortune telling, as I created my own cards that referenced the dreams I had; for this I used at- home printmaking techniques as well as photography. For the layout, I wanted to communicate my confusion and discomfort while dreaming, so I decided to continually rotate the pages so the reader would have to be constantly shifting the way they hold the magazine in order to read my writing, putting them in that disjointed dream state. Some of my most consuming and repetitive dreams boarder the two spreads with my analysis, and my dream journal in its entirety is on the final page in small type, which discourages a complete reading; instead allowing for the reader to understand fragments of my dreams. This is my way of utilizing a fortune telling technique, in which a person uses the words or phrases that stick out to them within a larger body of text to give them insight about themselves and their future. I found the process of dream journalling and interpretation to be incredibly personal, and for that reason I wanted the work itself to require a conscious relationship between the reader and myself, in order for me to feel comfortable delving into my innermost thoughts, fears, and feelings.