Cleo Arco

Watch Out

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture, wire

Faculty: Hilda Shen

Prompt: For this project, we were asked to create a container using linear materials, focusing on the idea of three-dimensional space and variations or differences in connecting techniques.

The main inspiration for this Space/Materiality project was the fictional story I created from the conversation I had with my friend. In short, the story is about a girl who dates a so-called “nerd” boy to manipulate him to make a robot look exactly like her celebrity crush. My friend and I didn’t go into detail because it started as a joke, but I developed the story so that it reflects a current issue of society: materialism. Even after she gets the robot that she wants, she still craves physical things that can make her look better and end up stealing luxuries. The endless desire and feeling of emptiness turn her into a less human who feels no shame about her incriminating act, which contrasts with the robot that resembles more human quality.

Through this see-through wire container/bag, I wanted to emphasize the idea of how we are easily deceived by the fancy side–the “out” side–of materialistic life portrayed through media. Although there are times where we need a certain material object for a specific reason, it is important to be aware of what it actually contains and its effect on us. In other words, we should “watch out” for the fragility and emptiness that are hidden behind the glamour.