Diego Simon

Diego's Brain in NYC

Class of: 2022

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Multimedia

Faculty: Katerina Lanfranco

Prompt: The assignment was to create a Mind Map of my relationship to NYC (or another town) in my sketchbook. Then I had to choose an NYC Site and research it, to then develop my own logo, icon, and slogan for this site.

The place I decided to create a mind map for was New York City. I wanted to show the different things that my mind thinks about, craves, hears, and enjoys when I am living in city that never sleeps. Initially, I wanted to do a mind map of my home town Miami, Florida but then, I realized that my mind feels more overwhelmed , in a good way, in New York City rather than in Miami. I believe this is due to the energy that the city releases. Everyone is always working, moving around, thinking, developing and producing; that it becomes hard to not do the same thing. One easily falls into this energetic rhythm that everyone is in; and once you’re in, you don’t want to leave. In my mind map I showed some of the different things that encompasses my New York City state of mind such as food, music, education, hobbies, dreams, locations and languages. While study architecture in New York, I lived in the Lower East Side near Clinton st. At first, the place seemed a little shady but the more I explored the area, the more I fell in love with it. The neighborhood has a great amount of street art and street performances, which reminded me of Wynwood, Miami. I met great open-minded artist and developers who have showed me their wonderful talents and helped me develop my own.