Haesung Cho

Seasons and sunsets

Class of: 2023

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital painting

Faculty: Katerina Lanfranco

Prompt: For the SUBWAY THERAPY IMAGES project, I drew a series of afternoon sunset featuring four different seasons and their matching plants. I used digital painting tools but tried to perform an impressionistic oil painting style through it.

In this project we had to create therapeutic images that were to be placed in busy subways. At first I hadn’t any idea of what images could be seen therapeutic if it were taking place in the subway stations. People would be moving very quickly for their busy lives, and thus I thought that they won’t have the time to pause and stare at detailed images. Also, personally I thought people won’t have the time to recognize too symbolic, abstract images and get the full effect of inspiration from them.

So I decided to paint rather familiar things like plants and the sunset in impressionistic styles, as I thought it could be the best in giving a strong inspiration and comfort in the quickest way. Especially going through my water color sketches, I noticed how the first thing that was recognizable was the drawing in strong colors and rather smudged shapes, of all other painting styles. To create the image, I used a digital painting application called procreate. Although I do love hand-drawn paintings very much, I prefer using digital tools because it has all the colors available. In creating the pieces, I considered the color theories we learned in the last lecture. I used the opposite colors on the color table to highlight the figures of the plants, and mixed similar colors to express the realistic impression of the sunset. Lastly I adjusted the color values and saturation to finish each paintings, considering the impressions of each seasons.