Ella Steakley

The Woman

Class of: Anne Finkelstein

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Pen and Ink & Photoshop

Faculty: Anne Finkelstein

Prompt: This project incorporated pen and ink, figure drawing, as well as photoshop to create a dynamic figure value composition.

This figure value project began with the creation of two value palettes. Both represent nine values from light to dark. I then created a third palette with nine different values of pen and ink. Later, I did multiple figure drawings with charcoal. In photoshop, I used the guidelines that I set myself in the drawing to create a new image from the three palettes I created. Before I submitted my final image to be printed on the plotter, I analyzed it closely for any imperfections. I made a few minimal changes to make the work stronger as a whole. The most significant changes involved leveling out the floor, creating panels in the background, resolving the squares on her body, and shifting her eye. In the end, I am proud of this final value figure project. Before I began this assignment I was a little overwhelmed by the process. My intention was to allow myself to play with the variety of media and create a final product that successfully combined the aspects of the assignment.