Steven Lin

Cartography - Digital Grisaille

Class of: 2022

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Adobe Photoshop, 18 x 24 drawing paper, charcoal, object for analog drawing

Faculty: Daina Mattis

Prompt: Using Photoshop, create a transparent construction to define all of the shapes in your composition. Find all vanishing points, converging lines and horizon line for at least the Cinder Block. If you decide to include more shapes feel free to but only if you have successfully fulfilled the one cinder block. Starting with a JPEG of Part 1 or a screenshot, apply the various selection tools learned in the class to create one digital grisaille version with comprehension of light logic/direction. Separate each object and its transparent construction on its own separate layer for easy navigation. Consider what is on top of that when you are layering. Layering is very literal in the layers panel. Following the Activity Point with the camera, select at least three photos and applying Photoshop tools and blending modes manipulate your cinder block to give it surface texture.

I really enjoyed this project as it was the first digital work that I created. When I first saw the image in the presentation, I was uncertain about the project. Despite using photoshop in the past for adjusting and manipulating the photo, I never use photoshop to re-create realistic construction. It was difficult in the beginning due to lack of experience with the tools, it was actually a strange feeling when you are using familiar software but with unfamiliar tools, you can almost say that the tools I used for this project were the bottom of the ocean where it’s never exploring or touch by the human. However, after experimenting with different tool and effect I sort of made out the written of creating objects and effects. I was actually quite surprised with the result because my peers seem to like the work, I figured it was successful and the object I created were realistic enough to convince my audience. This project really helped me understand the tool that I can use for other project and I realized that I am more efficient with the experiences I gained from this project.