Jiayao Yang


Class of: 2023

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Wire

Faculty: Derek Haffar

Prompt: By the end of this unit you will have a firm understanding of how polyhedrons are important for designers to use as structural and aesthetic components in their work as well as how they occur commonly in natural structures. You will be able to identify and discuss the five platonic solids using appropriate vocabulary and accurate references. You will be able to construct repetitive modular structures that rely on the inherent structure of the form without the need for glue or adhesives.

Due to the pandemic, people started to wear masks when going out. Masks have suddenly become a kind of hard currency of the world. Most of the presents I get these days are masks and the most frequent greeting questions we ask each other is that “do you need more masks?”. Therefore, to me, masks can represent this special period. So I decided to create a mask by the material I have and construct a pattern of polyhedrons to form a conceptual mask.