Hazel Yoon

Haptic Objects

Class of: 2022

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Ben Pranger

Prompt: This project is to make a series of haptic objects that are interesting to touch and hold. The project begins drawing shape dictionary that contains contrast interior, exterior and organic, geometric form and photos of hands holding imaginary small objects which helped to create the final handholding objects.

The first one I made, I got the idea from a broken heart. As I worked with wire, its figure changed from a broken heart to jaw-bone-like objects. I twisted the wire to create gaps that fingers can fit. After wrapping foil on the wire, I started to cover wire and foil with plater clothes. The second object I made, forms board covered with plaster clothes. This object is very geometric, every shape in the object are square. It has ten holes that all fingers can fit, meaning that I can actually hold the objects using all parts of my hands. The last one is cast from a mold, this is the part that the shape dictionary really helped. I didn’t really get the figure out of the drawing in the dictionary, but it helped to understand the concept of casting from a mold. Pulling out form board from the plaster was a satisfying process because as I pulled, I could directly see the shapes of the plaster cast.