Isabella Savignano

What Do You Know?

Class of: 2024

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Joey Christiano Diaz

Prompt: The prompt for this project was to create a video, set in 2080, exploring a fictional occurrence in 2030 that shifted our realities and allowed our values to prosper.

My video is a visual embodiment of the two conflicting visions I have of my future. I’m not sure how my life will play out, or if my visions will even come to fruition, so I wanted to keep a somewhat abstract sense of time where it isn’t quite clear if it’s 2030 or 2080.

One of the most important elements in my video is the record and turntable. The turntable was my grandfather’s from the 1970s, and I liked the idea that it would be with me in 2080, over 100 years later. I made a custom record cover and label with the name of the video to aid in my goal of building a fantastical world around me. Even though the two parts of the video seem to be completely different worlds, my goal was to use the record as a way to bridge the two and bring the second half into reality.

As of now, I’d like to go into costume design for film and TV after graduation, so I put a lot of thought and effort into the clothing I chose to wear in this video. The first two dresses are light-colored and are meant to represent innocence and positivity. The third dress is black with a heavy black coat on top to represent spiritual death and burnout. The transition to a flowy, white dress represents a revival of lightness and weightlessness.