Ish Patil

Not on my Watch

Class of: 2023

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Mixed media

Faculty: Wendy Letven

Prompt: The assignment for this final project was to create any kind of work that would represent the “Essence of Time”

When I look out and see the sky it comforts me to think that even though I may be alone right now, there is someone out there, regardless of where they are or what their life is like, who is looking at the same stars at me.

During my quarantine, looking out the window seemed to be one of the only exciting ways to connect with the world outside (even if from a distance) It helped me see that time truly is passing even if doesn’t always seem that way. This got me thinking about how people other than me viewed time. When I asked people the question the answers I got were no doubt, rather diverse.

For the project, I chose to interpret each of the answers I got and visualize them within windows. Each one representing a specific person’s idea of time. Ideally, I would have loved to have this project be a largescale one. Life-sized windows placed on a gallery wall, objects put into some of them, and projections within each window. Overwhelming viewers by the time that always surrounds them, but no one can ever see.

For now, however, I will leave this piece as a moving painting, framed to be displayed in a virtual gallery.