Jiayi Li


Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Photograph

Faculty: Tamar Samir

Prompt: Choosing a specific, personal theme That will research and write about in Seminar. In Studio, students will create a styled series of 8 photos to express this topic.

The theme of my seminar final essay: It is hard for contemporary college students to achieve long-term goals mainly due to their internal environment like having less beneficial habits and motivation, and there are too many attractions in student’s outer environments like temptations.

My essay discusses why contemporary college students can not achieve long-term goals due to temptations in the outer environment. Because contemporary society has temptation everywhere, a person’s mental state needs to be very strong and stable to avoid addiction. A lot of people fail to control themselves, and then feel guilt, pain, shame. I want to emphasize them in my photos. I want to show temptation’s terror and how the temptation affects people’s mentality.

The theme of my final studio project: My photos express the emotional effects of societal distractions on people who become addicted and fall into temptation’s trap.

For my photos, I want to tell my audience how people are hurt by temptations and show the mentality when people indulge in temptations. Using my images to record students’ indulging process. I also tend to express people’s emotions when they have to face the reality.