Lucia Martell

Blue Stone

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Acrylic Paint/Collage

Faculty: Kate Harding

Prompt: This work was created for our final painting assignment in our class. This work was meant to reflect our progression throughout the course and the celebration of our new painting skills obtained from the 7-week course.

A shared experience is something that’s most special to me, especially with those who I love. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, means a busy, chaotic life for my family and me. This life has allowed me to develop a deep love for nature, and therefore finding myself in nature has become a therapeutic method for me. I love to visit Upstate New York a lot, where nature blooms in its finest. I wanted to depict my special upstate hideaway in a painting, and as I looked through the many green photographs I have taken there I landed upon this beautiful waterhole that I visit often when I am Upstate. I’ve jumped into this stream impulsively in the summer, fall, and winter (and soon the spring). I’ve jumped into it with my best friend, who owns the house that is located near this waterhole, which is a place I bonded with him deeply this past summer. I think it’s important to capture these memories in our minds because these memories and their meanings are intersubjective to the extent where we share common understandings of them, and that’s where we can create a bond. Identity is experienced through intersubjectivity, and therefore we create our worlds around those certain experiences, just like the experience I have chosen to paint.