Jiayi Zhang

Her Poem

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Photoshop

Faculty: Gyun Hur

Prompt: The main thing about this project was that Gyun assigned a partner to each of us. We had a wonderful afternoon in Central Park. After getting to know each other, we need to develop four gestures for each other to express each other's personality traits or a story.

The project is mainly talk about the interview between Lyra and me. Although Lyra and me knew each other before this project, but this experience allowed us to get to know each other better.This interview with Lyra in Central Park will definitely be an unforgettable memory for me. Inspired by Sichuan Opera, the traditional drama of Lyra’s hometown, I created four gestures for Lyra to show her personality charm.The four gestures represent four key words taken from Lyra: enthusiastic, strict, acute, and sensitive.During the communication with Lyra, I realized that she is a very contrasting person, so I thought this would be a good entry point. So I looked up information about Sichuan opera and observed their gestures to understand their meaning. I created four gestures about Lyra based on their meanings and combining them with my own understanding.In the final design, I didn’t want to do a very old-fashioned traditional design, so I referred to the work of Min Hee-jin, a Korean art director, who used a blue pattern as the base and added stickers to decorate it, which made me feel that the whole work was very coordinated and interesting. The blue background looks very calm, and with the colorful stickers it makes the picture much more interesting, that echoes Lyra’s characteristic of contrasts. These four contrasting words create the unique Lyra.