Xinran Zhou

Bridge 2 [Peer to Peer] “Gift: Ritualistic Gesture”

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Photography (Images of Hand Gesture)

Faculty: Gyun Hur

Prompt: This project is used to honor my partner. We got to know each other deeply through an interview and I created a series of gestures as an expression based on my understanding of her.

I was going to create 4 gestures as a gift for my partner, Minnie. We did an in-depth interview in Central Park and I tried to all the answers I collected as inspirations for further work. For the first gesture, I used “RELAX” as a keyword. I tried to use something fluffy as part of the gesture representing her soft heart. I chose to center the ball with one hand holding it underneath and the other hand covering it like a quilt, expressing a sense of security and comfort of being wrapped up. Secondly, I hope Minnie can have a steady mental state. I used two hands to complete the gesture. The right hand was slightly bent, representing her inner world and the fingers of the left hand were straightly pointing to the right hand. This means that she needs to face her heart and accept external information smoothly. Thirdly, for “Release Negative Feelings”, I recorded the process of squeezing the tomato and used one moment as the third gesture, giving a strong feeling of letting off stress. For the final one, I want to encourage not only her but also myself to get energy from the outside world, and make connections and communication with others. I made this gesture with my roommates and we held hands together. For the final outcome, I put four pictures in a row horizontally and in a continuous order, like a film reel. 2 The first one is about relaxation; after relaxing there is enough energy for her to release all bad feelings; then she can get new energy and comfort from the outside world, and I want her can still focus on her inner heart. Moreover, I used Photoshop to make these pictures all blue hue, because that is her favorite color.