Jingjing Yuan

Union Square Fantasy

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Ink drawing

Faculty: Baris Gokturk

Prompt: For the project, we would create our own series of operations (focal points, positive and negative spaces, scale, contrast, repetition, and so on) based on the 15 sketches we collected in Union Square.

Step by step, I moved into my final work, creating my unique visual system. When I looked through my 15 sketches, I was attracted by the tree trunk I draw. And a great idea jumped out of my head: Why not “put the scene into a scene”?

By combining the silhouette of the tree trunk with the interesting pattern of the little plant seed I found on the ground of the square, I successfully turned the tree trunk into multiple frames. Then I thought about putting the sense I observed in different parts of Union Square into the surface of the tree trunk. In order to make the external scene’s location seem more clear, I drew another tree on the upper-right portion of my drawing and added fences to the background. I used thicker lines to trace around the tree trunk to emphasize what’s going on inside the tree trunk.