Kohki Hiramatsu

Resiliency Journal

Prompt: In this lockdown situation, I decided to focus on the immediate surroundings as an inspiration. I documented the daily objects I found in my room every day and used the newspaper on that day to create a series of collages.

Integrative Studio

Integrative Seminar

Keep a daily journal for the week of April 1st through April 8th. Map your experiences through text.

You may choose to write about anything you wish; you may think of the following as inspiration for topics:
– observations,
-actions and reactions,
and anything else you wish.

Whatever you choose to write about, be sure to spend some time each day writing down at least one detail that offered you a moment of hope, energy, resilience, wonder, or excitement. In addition, reflect on your creative engagement–with your own work and the work of others.