Linnea Li

Bridge Building

Class of: 2024

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Foam Core

Faculty: Christian Nguyen

Prompt: Design an architectural space for a site-specific location.

By creating a foam model, I try to interpret the functions of buildings. Can a building be a connector between other buildings? What roles can the connector-building have? I use two teaching facilities in Shenzhen University as the site, discovering how I can build another one to connect them. On one side is the liberal arts building, and the other side is the science department, which means that the primary users are students who need to shuttle between classrooms and facilities. So, I create a passageway that saves students’ time in changing classrooms while conserving sunshine to the corridor from the skylight. Meanwhile, I design another block with three little conference rooms, providing students from different majors a space to meet and communicate.