Tiange Fang

Countdown ice book

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Ice, plastic vacuum bag, ring

Faculty: Simone Kearney

Prompt: The assigned student group choose a civil unrest event in history and then present the story through the form of a book.

Theme: Climate strikes worldwide, specifically Fridays for Future.

The idea is to warn people of the rapid speed of global warming and how the glaciers are melting. A series of ice cubes in the shape of numbers as a countdown. Putting each number in one vacuum food bag then bind them together in the corner to give them a sense of flipping book. The use of the vacuum bags is to enhance the suffocating feeling of the climate emergency, hinting at the overwhelming plastic use that has been hugely affecting the environment as well as position the ice cube.

After extracting all the air out in each bag and finished binding the book, I filmed each ice cube melting in the vacuum food bag while the book being flipped page by page over and over again by a group of people to sarcastically show that global warming is happening right now, people are all witnessing it but no one take actions to stop it. People just blankly looking and flipping the page means every day just pass by for people, the ice is melting, the countdown is reaching the end.

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