Meriel Seo

Q-Tips Ear-Cuff

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Combination of q-tip and wire

Faculty: Eva Perez De Vega

Prompt: Exploring the relationship between form, fabrication, craft, and materiality, and using design for the senses as a conceptual driver, make the final inhabited piece by using one of the material swatches, and exploring how it might interface with the body.

Project 2 started with material exploration, which was the everyday materials that we can easily approach. Through this research, I realized that I didn’t have much awareness of the materials that I use every day. Therefore, I set my concept as the “insensibility” of everyday materials. In other words, we use everyday materials unconsciously, and we are so familiar with those materials such as part of our body. Therefore, I intended to make the body proposal piece/structure and put it on the ear where we cannot directly recognize via our sight.