Luca Cyr

Daughters of Eve

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Oil painting on canvas; triptych

Faculty: Maya Seuss

Prompt: The prompt was to choose 3 works that I have seen in person in a gallery or museum this semester and use them as inspiration for a new work. The goal was to combine elements from all works and create something different being intentional about which thematic or aesthetic elements I include or exclude from each work.

My project focusses on the female gaze and womanhood. It has three 36inx12in canvasses, each with a different figure. The central figure represents the biblical figure, Eve. She is nude and looks directly at the viewer. Flanking her are two younger girls, one staring at Eve and the other facing forward and covering her face. The tone I wanted to create with this was one of tension and confrontation as the viewer considers their own gaze on the subjects. I used unnatural, muted, and pastel colors to enhance the femininity depicted in the piece. I also used rectangular sections to invert the colors, causing a contrast between what is real and what is imagined. Finally, the use of the moon represents femininity and the natural element of the pooling water at the bottom references the garden of eden.