Zishan (Nina) Huang

Herstory- Honoring Mia

Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Photography

Faculty: Gyun Hur

Prompt: This is an assignment that we need to create four gestures and phrases to honor our assigned partner based on her/his story and experience.

I have been partnered up with a girl named Mia in our class. I got to know her though the interview. Therefore I decided to create four gestures with my hands and four phrases to honor her story and personal experience. By using a canvas as a background for my work created a sense and a feeling of that my hands were a piece of oil painting from a long time ago. This is because I think my partner’s story and herself is a piece of art work that worth cherish. I also made the phrase sound like my partner’s monologue because I think her experience was more like an inner “battle” in her heart, not relate to the outside world. I wish I could let she feel honored by this work. She is a strong and mature woman, this is also a gift for her.