Nam-Y Nguyen


Class of: 2024

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Video/Sculpture

Faculty: Patrick Hughes

Prompt: Create a Flip-book using your choice of medium, photos, illustrations, collage, etc. in the frame of a memoir

The concept behind this piece explores the discomfort a survivor of sexual assault goes through. I chose to incorporate the use of polaroid in order to capture the idea of nonconsent. In other words, a polaroid is used often by predators as a form of a trophy and it is usually captured nonconsensually. The red paint represents the permanence and lasting effects of nonconsensual touches. Furthermore, the stoic nature of the glitches of my face is a way to depict my outer shell. In a way, all I can do is watch the memory and not be able to alter its course. The highlight of the audio aspect of this piece would be the telephone ringing. By including the phone, it is a way for me to signify a sense of interaction and help with the “outside world”. But in the end, the phone was never answered which emphasizes the isolation and helplessness that sexual assault survivors experience.