Thaleia Sioutou

I Know How, Now

Class of: 2025

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Paper

Faculty: Jeanne Marie Wasilik

Prompt: Think of something that you can do now, but you could not do at some point—something that you had to work at. Or think of a way you are now that you were not at some point—something that you changed in yourself. The idea of the drawing is to tell the story of how you changed or learned something in three images, like a comic book or a graphic novel. The first panel represents you before learning how. The second panel represents the process you went through in order to learn or to change. The last represents you after you learned or changed something in yourself.

My “I Know How, Now” piece portrays a very important positive shift in my life. It represents self-growth and self-love in a different form than usual. In my rst panel, I show how attached I was to a certain person, although it was hurting me and knew that this person wasn’t in my life anymore. However, I chose to hold on to the pain because it was the only thing I had left and although it was hurting me mentally I was constantly choosing the pain. My second panel illustrates how slowly- slowly with a chaotic mind I started to let go because although I didn’t want to and liked the pain, I realized that I got to do what’s best for my future self and nally prioritize myself. Last but not least, my third panel is my hand standing alone, needing no one to be okay, learning how to be independent, and embracing self-worth and self- love. I got to be my own person. This project is very emotional to me as it shows the journey that made me who I am today.