Vicky Ni

Intrusive Thoughts

Class of: 2025

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Paper

Faculty: Diana Shpungin

Prompt: Focusing on the elements of design, effective composition and gestalt principles, students create a detailed cut paper collage using iconic objects as a vehicle for abstraction.

Intrusive Thoughts is an abstracted representation of the human brain. I consolidated the folds of the brain to make the object less obvious (and to make the cutting process more manageable). I also sectioned off the brain in inverted rectangles to further distort the form. The contrast between the organic lines of the brain with the abrupt straight lines formed by the inverted blocks is representative of disruptance in the human thought process. The decision to glue solid black rectangles around the corners was made to balance out my composition. While unintentional, I feel that this choice created a glitchy effect that further pushed the idea of intrusive thoughts.