Tianyu (Alice) Wang

Studio Journal & Field Action Journal for Sustainable Nomadic Design

Class of: 2021

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital PDF files, printed journals

Faculty: Carolin Mees

Prompt: I documented my process and final works in the Sustainable Systems course in the form of two journals: Studio Journal and Field Action Journal.

I collected my observations and research about Sustainable Systems in a Field Action Journal that was created digitally and printed for presentation. Field actions included field experience trips in New York City and in-class experience. By analyzing activities, I built up new data for the course topics: Water, Materials, Climate Change and Energy. I compiled hypotheses, research and development strategies and data tests and observations as I progressed over the semester in the Field Action Journal. The Journal was used as a documentation of the Seminar part of the course during reviews, discussions and presentations. At the same time, it informs the Creative Works/ Studio Projects of this course.

The other main focus of the class was the Creative Works project, called Studio Project, which was documented in the Studio Journal. The Studio Project was developed following a strategy of prototypical design through well-made projects in models and drawings. The result was a final well-crafted, creative and provocative Studio Project, which was a spatial investigation in relation with the course’s focus on designing resilient sustainable systems in reflection of the four major course topics Water, Materials, Climate Change and Energy (corresponding to the Field Journal).