Twisha Shah

Time: Inspiration taken from Alan Lightman's "Einstein's Dreams"

Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Digital book

Faculty: Freya Powell

Prompt: Using the editing tools and concepts that were addressed throughout the semester, create a time based final project. The format of the project can be 5 minutes of sound, video, series of photos, performance, or a 36-page book.

For this project, I created a 36-page book. I took inspiration from Alan Lightman’s “Einstein’s Dreams.” I took pictures from my routine as a response to the ideas presented in the book. I choose pictures to be from my routine because I wanted my work to be relatable for everyone. I explored an abstract angle for my editing because my work up until now has only been metaphorical. My main intention was to show time as a flat circle, time as a bodily function, time as an orderly function, and the connection between time and memories. I chose to create a photo book majorly because of the 15th May 1905 dream, which talks about a world in which there are only images. This book fits the given assignment because I used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to create this book. Also, ‘Einstein’s dreams’ was the text that we read throughout the semester. So, it was an interesting journey to use my study from home as an effective tool.