Vivian Lyu

The UnStill Life

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Procreate

Faculty: Ryan LeMere

Prompt: Students will generate a large-scale, dynamic still life by hand focusing on the narrative within and amongst objects represented. The total image should speak to an aspect of personal identity. Select parts of the image can be rendered digitally in Illustrator, for a final piece that combines studies in volume, value, shape, pattern, space, and surface.

One of the requirements for this project is combing my self-identication with the instill life. I think hard of how to achieve this. I was bored in the 2000s and I’m Chinese. I have a deep interest in the Chinese element and the y2k culture. Because of the limited art supply, I decided to use procreate to make this project in order to add more color and cool effect inside. I was inspired by “Eastern Beautify”, recent photoshoots by Zengwu, and I decided to extract some of the colors inside. I also draw some dragon and scale elements inside.