sustainable systems

sustainable systems

This course provides you an opportunity to acquire a foundational understanding of the scientific and social issues related to the design of resilient urban futures. An understanding of the constraints, challenges, and opportunities presented by the need to design products, systems, and services that are more socially, environmentally and economically resilient is at the core of a Parsons education. This course is where that work begins. It is crucial, as both professional experts making decisions about materials flows, and as citizens, that creative practitioners have a comprehensive understanding of the scientific process, from fieldwork and laboratory to policy formulation. By combining sequenced 1) field trips and lectures to locations around New York City, which will introduce and frame discussions and context-based learning related to sustainability, ecology, and systems, with 2) studio-based labs, where field work and applied scientific methods will be applied, students will translate these sets of experiences into informed creative works within the areas of art, design, and strategic design, thereby building a creative agency that supports diversity, adaptability and resilience in the face of ever-changing conditions.
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Tianyu (Alice) Wang "Studio Journal & Field Action Journal for Sustainable Nomadic Design" Tianyu (Alice) Wang

Tianyu (Alice) Wang "Studio Journal & Field Action Journal for Sustainable Nomadic Design"

Huashuang Hu "Anthropocene" Huashuang Hu

Huashuang Hu "Anthropocene"

Edmund Langdell "Sustainably Made Felt Hat" Edmund Langdell

Edmund Langdell "Sustainably Made Felt Hat"


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