Welcome to HINDSIGHT – an interactive thesis show celebrating the designers, creators, and innovators of Design & Technology’s Class of 2020.


Welcome to Hindsight, the digital show for all 2020 graduating BFA and MFA students.

Our work can be classified into six general themes. Our memoirs ask that the self be re-examined, we reflect upon our consumptive habits, discover new avenues for self-care, create new solutions for problems, articulate ourselves in new ways, and generate fresh questions to be explored.

Consumptive Habits
Consumption is built into human existence, we must consume air, water, and food to survive. This impulse to consume has given rise to some of our greatest achievements and gravest failings. The projects in this section seek to examine our impulse to consume, and shed light on how it affects us and the world around us.
Self-care might be a comparatively new phrase in the modern lexicon, but the impulse to nurture ourselves is an ancient one. The projects in this section propose new ideas for how we can cultivate the best sides of ourselves without losing sight of our place within the collective whole.
Articulating Ourselves
The ways in which we express ourselves are ever-changing. Now those changes are happening even more rapidly, keeping pace with the changes in our technological and cultural landscapes. The projects here all address our need for new thinking about how we articulate ourselves in an ever-changing world.
Welcome to Guestbook, a procedurally-generated story of togetherness, built during the intensely digital Spring of 2020.